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I never used to make my own pasta to me it always seemed to be a hassle and the other reason was that I never had a pasta machine.

When working in Egypt I was given the task of creating a new ravioli for the menu as the previous one was not working out and the staff were just not getting it right

So with some investigation and trial and error I stumbled across this recipe and I have found that It makes the most amazing pasta and it helps you through the process that you will always have fantastic laminated pasta

It’s a semolina based pasta which is worked through to create a smooth silky



250g strong flour

350g semolina flour

6 whole eggs

30ml olive oil

Pinch salt


Combine the dry ingredients, and once well combined place on a clean surface and form a well

Then crack the eggs and add them and then the oil

Slowly while using a fork incorporate the egg and flour, forming dough

Once a dough as form knead for 10 min – or use a machine and knead for 5min

Wrap in plastic and place in fridge to settle. 1 hour

Remove from fridge and cut into smaller pieces,. Well flour your surface and the pasta machine and begin rolling the pasta and then folding , roll and fold

this must be done 24 x trust me I have tried less and it just doesn’t work. You will know when you are ready to continue when the graininess of the pasta has gone and it is smooth.

Either leave the pasta to dry or use immediately , cooking in salted boiling water , beware to have a large pot with a lot of water as this is fresh pasta it will cause the water to go starchy.


Good old tomato sauce


1 x onion

25-30g x olive oil

1 x garlic clove

1kg x tomatoes

50g x tomato paste

2g x parsley

10-20g sugar

1 sprig rosemary

2g x coriander




Blanch and de seed the tomatoes roughly chop and leave aside

(with the seeds, skin, place into a sieve and over a bowl and sprinkle salt allow the juices to form at the bottom)

Fry your onions, garlic in a pan with the olive oil till soft and translucent

Add your tomato paste and the tomatoes

Once all the juices have left your tomato skins add it to your sauce

Leave to come to a boil, add water but not  a lot you don’t want it to turn into soup you want it to be thick and sticky

Add the herbs and the seasoning and sugar and leave to simmer


That’s my semolina pasta which I recon is the best pasta ever, and has changed my mind on making homemade pasta,

Hapy Canada Day

Yip as random as that sounds I learnt this week that it is Canadian day today (Friday 1st july) And was asked to bake a cake in its honor So I went to work and made a chocolate cake with the Canadian flag to decorate I used my all-time favorite chocolate cake recipe which I’m still debating on letting out the secret and I know this is a blog that I share my recipes but it’s one that I’m not quite sure I should let slip just yet… But I thought I would share a quick peak at the cake…

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